Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Do you get it?

So few understand new media. Even though companies and people claim they get it, how do you know if they really do? Before you invest your money in a company or take the advice of a friend what proof do you have that they themselves get it?

Every new media company out there big or small has a portfolio of wins and loses, which is to be expected. But how do you safe guard your brand from being the ugly kid in the new media playground.

Let me fill you in on the secret of getting it. There is no secret. You get it by understanding that whatever it is you just got will change in less time then it took you to get it. Keep your mind, body, soul, and most importantly ears open to everything. Be a blog and podcast junky - the fastest way to know what's going on. Don't wait for someone (even your staff and/or marketing company) to tell you what's going on - be a part of the conversation yourself. GET INVOLVED!! That's it - that's the big secret. The more knowledge you carry - the better chance you have of getting it and keeping it - even when everything changes around you tomorrow.

So when it comes to taking the aid of a friend or company - first question is do they walk the walk and not just talk the talk. It's funny how many claim to be experts and they aren't even immersed in the space their selling.

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Carlie said...

C.C. Chapman quoted our conversation in his latest episode of Managing the Gray.