Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New Vaio Campaign - Remix Your Life


How many eyes do you think Sony lost in the first 2+ minutes it takes to load the flash page? I'm posting this while I'm waiting and it's still not done.



Still Waiting.........

uh oh I hear sound

wow that's a lot of waiting for?

let me try the next one

more waiting.......

i should be doing something productive while i wait. it's 2:30am, i can't sleep, i'm a little hungry,

i wonder if i could grab a snack while i wait? brb

*munching* still waiting......

so i wonder what the weather is going to be like tomorrow? knowing boston it'll just change every few hours anyways.

waiting......hmm let me go check on it

nope not done, waiting........

yea they've lost interest by now for sure, maybe my connection is slow - but i got fios - eh

oh i hear something

huh, not so bad - wait isn't there some advertising law that the black guy is supposed to be the sporty one not the smart one? (i'm black so i have the card to say that - i think, wait let me check)

is it worth trying to watch the 3rd set?

hmmm.....yea i'm thirsty brb

back and still waiting.......

so i'm out of the sitcom tv loop, anything interesting going on these days? i miss my sex in the city *sad face* only so many times you can watch it on dvd

so i wonder what the percentage of viewers that actually stayed to watch all three sets, just me?

still waiting.......

i feel like i'm writing a bad ellen degenerus skit - wait let me check the spelling on her name brb

i was close degeneres

oh i hear something

not bad - her beats were a bit off - did i ever say that i was a music major at BU?

huh i should have timed that, around 10 minutes?


Kopi said...

ROFLMAO, someone made a flash file way too large.

m@ said...

it didn't take long for me. your connection must be pretty slow :-p

Carlie said...

huh.....my connection is hot - <3 fios - but maybe sony hates me =(

m@ said...

sony makes baby jesus cry