Wednesday, August 8, 2007

SL Stock Exchanges asking for security?

I've been following an interesting conversation via the comments on the this SLNN article:

Are the SL Stock exchanges unconsciously asking for more security? This buyout of the AVIX exchange is huge in my mind. I never personally trusted Investor Allen - not only did he come in with a load of speculation, but he never answered to it. And my contact with him didn't lead me to believe he was anything more then what everyone else thought (nothing personal I'm sure you may in fact be a great person).

Is Second Life more then a game? If facebook took a dose of steroids and went 3D would it be a game? I don't know......

But know I won't be investing serious rl dollars into the stocks anytime soon.

Should Linden Lab put restrictions on the stock exchanges? At least restrictions put some security in the investments made, although pissing some off I'm sure. If there are no restrictions what makes it different then online gambling?

Still too many questions.........

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