Monday, August 6, 2007

Productive Day

Today was one of those days you end in a complete mind meld of confusion yet excitement. I apologize if this post is confusing, has too many thoughts, or is just random - but that's how things are flowin'. Stream of Consciousness begins now.

My morning started by chatting with CC Chapman - if you don't know who he is then you must be in some dark cave on a deserted island, or part of the non blogging and podcasting culture that is coming close to extinction. I would help you out by giving you a brief description but I fear I'd give it no justice so check him out here

The conversation was light, ended with some real estate chatter, as do the majority of my chats.

Quick story - I had jury duty a few years back, high profile murder case in Boston (which I believe I'm ok to talk about now) where a guy, in full daylight, walked into a shop, scouted his victim out through the staff, shot him in the chest emptying a full round, then stabbed him through every major artery, and ended the murder (in front of witnesses non the less) by jumping on the him before he took off on foot all bloody. One would think this was a open and shut case - they even had the bloody clothes he took to the dry cleaners and the gun. But as all in the world that involves human decision we had a hung jury for about a week. At the beginning of the case we went around the jury room and introduced ourselves briefly. The moment everyone found out i was a real estate agent on came the questions, "what do you think of our market", "how long will it take to sell my house", "can i sell it on my own" etc etc etc. So I hate to admit, but during our hung jury time - when no one else was allowed in the room it usually consisted of me giving real estate lectures on Boston trends. But hey I got a few clients afterwards. *smiles* That's what I call using your time wisely.

Anywho......that conversation, combined with the "sales roundup" podcast I caught first thing this morning, left me with a sales brain buzz on the current market, my experiences, the future, etc. One thing I can say now looking back over my years in sales is you better damn well love what you're selling if you plan on being successful. Anyone can fake it for a little while - but long term success is found in the heart and passion of the salesperson - not to sound cheesy. One thing I heard early on in my career that has stuck to me like glue is "a good salesperson will find strength in the rejection by having the passion to see the next sale". Well that and "fake it until you make it" - which is partially true, but wouldn't it be great to just "make it" from the start. Your passions can change, don't be afraid of change, if you embrace and accept change early on in the game you'll have a larger more successful outcome. For anyone in this stage I recommend a short, cute and helpful book, "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson.

This is where I am now in my career. I've had a very successful 5+ years, but I'm bored, tired of it, and this market is frustrating beyond belief. Am I selfish to want more? I'm watching seasoned veterans throw in the towel, rookies leave after a few months, and everyone just generally confused. Although I have the absolute ability to rack it in on these agents discarded scraps (which any smart agent is taking advantage of now, feast or famine folks) i don't have the desire to. I'm off buzzing about new media, second life, twitter, someone needs to slap some sense into me - but hey that's where my passion lies. I'm still on the fence whether I want to blog about my career progressions and the companies I'm speaking with.

With all this said I finally decided I'm going to start writing my first book on selling to the sexes. I've been debating on writing this for some time. The concept of selling to a sex hit me like a ton of bricks a few years ago. This will not only be a guide of sorts for sales professionals, but hopefully a general good read for anyone. I admit in my first few years of sales I did not sell anything to a woman - nothing, nada, zilch. I had absolutely zero closing skills with women. Sadly that didn't affect my numbers (girls why aren't we buying things other then shoes? kinda kidding, I own a ton myself) but I would quickly pass off any woman interested in my services to another sales agent and gladly accept a referral fee - wouldn't even waste my time with chitchat. Currently, on the side, I work in an industry where I only sell to women. It's amazing how fast you adapt when you're forced to. In my time here I've noticed the nuances of selling to men vs. women. This may not sound too interesting to some but you fail to realize sales happen every day in your life, even if you're not consciously aware. You're arguing with your spouse, you sell your side of the debate. Maybe your discussing the pros of your company with a friend/coworker/client, you're selling the company. Playing a game of Risk? hello you're selling the importance of owning Russia over Switzerland. Or hell I'm fighting with my mother over why she still doesn't have a grand child, I'm selling her on the fact shes not getting one for a while (sorry ma) - although the sperm before baby selling point is quite conclusive. *smiles* It should be an interesting read for anyone - stay tuned on that.

So..... let's see, Jeffrey Lipsky, better known as Filthy Fluno in SL, stopped by my house to hang this afternoon. I'm helping him with a new marketing campaign, etc. If anyone is going to pick your brain, pull out every last drop and throw it all on the floor (to see it's artistic flare no doubt) it's him. I swear he just inspires greatness within everyone he reaches. We sat down for about 4 hours? 6 hours? and knocked out piece by piece of designs for his campaign. Working next to someone that just gets your vibe and can say "god Carlie that just sucks" without me slapping him is impressive. His current site is, but keep an eye out because that will be getting revamped in the coming weeks.

All in all a great day. Now if I can only slow my brain down and get to sleep - it'll be even better.



Xellessanova said...

I totally understand where you're coming from—a whole lot of it is where I'm at right now, and I think you're absolutely right about the passion being the most important factor in whatever you choose to do.

The sales book is a really quality idea.

Carlie said...

yeah you know this morning while i was in the shower i was thinking maybe i should add a part in the book that covers the mixing of sexes - as in B2B sales (well sometimes). sadly most B2B is still male heavy.

but in B2B i find it best to sell to the lowest denominator (unless that person is completely retarded).

the most interesting mix sale i've done thus far was a newly married couple looking for a house with their newborn. i watched their marriage become questioned as they began to learn new things about each other etc.

anywho....just some thoughts