Friday, August 3, 2007

SL Companies vs RL Responsibility

I want to throw this out there. I've been speaking with colleagues on the topic and it seems everyone really has a different opinion.

In the wake of last weeks stock exchange crisis, yet again another shake up of stolen money, the question that needs to be asked is at what point do SL companies and business owners need to receive real life checks and balances, or do they? Is this truly a "game" where all investments are seen as "fun" and for recreation? And if it's recreation is it then considered gambling? Which as you all know has just been banned from SL.

I've found on the smaller scale of things sl residents tend to be very generous and kind. For example I bought a cute top (hey I'm still a chick with a shopping habit) and when it didn't appear in my inventory the owner personally sent it to me and quite a few others. For content creators I don't only see these types of acts good business practice but also reputation control. But on the larger scale, where it really financially matters, who is watching out for the consumer?

If one puts money into a holding "for fun" with the hopes of getting out a big return, and has no general control over that holding or it's outcome, does that differ from gambling?

I'm interested in getting others feedback on this.

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