Friday, August 3, 2007

Opening Post

This is just my way to add to the blog world with my random opinions. As the marketing and sales manager for Second Life News Network - SLNN - - I get to network with some of the greats in New Media, so this is going to be a fun way of sharing my experiences and thoughts with whom ever cares to know.

Currently SLNN is about to publish our first print magazine @ SLCC in Chicago.

This has turned out to be an amazing opportunity for us. After Chicago we will be traveling the Second Life world conference roller coaster for the next few months.

Our current media sponsorship schedule:

SLCC2007 - Chicago (August 24 - 26)

SLCC - Dusseldorf (September 21 - 23)

IQPC Achieving Real Business Growth through SL - London (September 25 - 26)

Virtual Worlds – San Jose (October 10 -11)

Also possible sponsorship with:
Second Life Conference 2007 - Berlin (September 16 - 18)

QPC Second Life Marketing 2007 - New York (September 24 - 26)

Metaverse '07 - Munich (November 19 - 20)

I know what a crazy few months. I will personally be at most of these - so I'd love to meet anyone and everyone.

As I'm currently juggling my work with SLNN with my full time sales gig in Boston, I may not get to post as frequently as I'd like. But please feel free to email me anytime @

Stay tuned to my coming podcast (sooner rather then later hopefully).


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